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Wire EDM

Precision Wire EDM Services

Progressive Engineering offers quality wire EDM services for your business’ most complex prototyping and production needs. With the industry’s most advanced CNC tools at our disposal, our skilled engineers can design and machine your components down to .0002” tolerances with the precision cuts, finishes and structural integrity that only wire EDM processing can accomplish.

The diverse team of dedicated engineers and machinists at Progressive Engineering are masters of wire EDM manufacturing from start to finish. Whether you are trying to turn a complicated prototype or idea into metal, or you need a full production run of components with the most precisely machined tolerances the industry has to offer, we’re standing by to help you bring your project to fruition.

Wire EDM

Need Precision Wire EDM Services? Get in Touch or Receive a Quote

Progressive Engineering offers quality wire EDM services for projects of all stages and sizes. From design to component, from prototype to production, our expert craftsmen are ready to tackle your next wire EDM project with all of the dedication, experience and technological precision it deserves. Get in touch today to discuss ideas and options or get a quote.