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Precision Turning and Lathing Services

Progressive Engineering is proud to offer industry-leading turning and lathing services. Our advanced CNC technology can be finely programmed to handle component tolerances down to .0002”. On the other end of the spectrum, our cutting-edge CNC lathes are capable of handling payloads that are 24” in diameter and 32” long.

There’s no component or job too big or small for the skilled craftsmen of Progressive Engineering. Our team of dedicated engineers and machinists collectively bring decades of experience to the table while wielding the most advanced turning tools and equipment that the machining industry has to offer. The result is that your parts are designed, built and delivered perfectly to spec without fail.

Need Professional CNC Turning or Lathing Services? Get in Touch or Receive a Quote

Whether your business requires a small batch of prototypes or a large-scale parts run, the Progressive Engineering team is ready to tackle your next turning or lathing project with the dedication and precision it requires. Get in touch with us today to discuss concepts and engineering; or if you’re ready to ramp up production, get a quote.