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The Engineering and Quality Control Process

At Progressive Engineering Technology, we have the ability to download your solid models for quick turnaround in price quoting, engineering, machining and quality control. The solid models can be downloaded using these formats: iges, sat, parasolids, and more. We also work with paper prints.

The solid models and paper documents are disbursed from our engineering department to all other departments who will be involved with the project. Each department has the responsibility to conduct its own review of the models. Then, every department meets with engineering for questions, collaboration and project management.

After all parties have completed their assessments of the models, the machining process begins. Engineering will start CNC programming, as well as programming of the C.M.M if necessary. Meanwhile, the quality control proceeds every step of the way. The inspection process for each operation will be verified with the C.M.M. and other measuring tools while being double-checked by expert quality control technicians.

The final product may have a first article inspection data report along with certifications for material, heat treating, plating, painting and any other outside sources who will be working with the part, if requested by the customer.