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We are a full service machine shop offering milling, turning, grinding & wire edm services.

We are a full service machine shop offering milling, turning, grinding & wire edm services.

Progressive Engineering Technology

Established in 1986, Progressive Engineering is an industry-leading machine shop offering high-precision machining services. We specialize in producing complex machined parts unmatched in quality, tolerance and finish. Our specialty services are available on-demand for small, single-component jobs, large runs requiring thousands of finished parts and everything in between.


No matter the size or intricacy of the job, the Progressive Engineering team tackles it with decades of combined expertise in precision craftsmanship.

Why choose Progressive Engineering for your next machining project?

At Progressive Engineering, we have an obsession with high precision and quality–it’s in our blood. Our employees have years of painstaking experience producing complex parts and intricate components with perfect tolerances. Whether it’s a job for a commercial munitions supplier or the aerospace industry, we tackle every job with a meticulously steady hand to deliver your components on schedule every time–within spec, without fail.

Our family-owned shop is hugely capable. From micrometer tolerances to huge components measuring 96 inches in size, Progressive Engineering utilizes the industry’s most cutting-edge machinery and skilled craftsmen to finish every job to perfection. ITAR certified as well as fully compliant with ISO and Tier 1 aerospace standards, the Progressive Engineering team is ready to take on your next complex machining project with the precision and care it deserves.

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